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A Christian Computer Workbook by Clemmie C. Perry & Doris Ross Reddick

Using Theology to Teach Technology

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Christian Computer Workbook

Using Theology to Teach Technology is a Bible-based computer workbook on the Introduction to Computers and Microsoft Word Processing. This unique self-paced instructional tool combines Biblical scriptures, information from the Old and New Testaments and computer processes. The concept links theology and technology. This combination of the two disciplines makes learning computer skills a non-threatening peaceful experience and accelerates the learning process.

Using Theology to Teach Technology computer workbooks will prepare new computer users to learn computer basics necessary for life and work skills in the 21st.Century.

Contents: 144 pages, Biblical References and Biblical Practice Exercises, Church Mouse Cut-Out

Author: Clemmie C. Perry. M.S.Instructional Technology and E-Learning

Co-Author: Doris Ross Reddick, Educational Consultant/Biblical Researcher

ISBN: 0-9720186-0-3

Copyright: Malloy & Malloy, Coral Gables, Florida, 2002



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A Christian Computer Worbook by Clemmie C. Perry & Doris Ross Reddick A Christian Computer Worbook by Clemmie C. Perry & Doris Ross Reddick



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From tables of stone to computer technology, many important transitions in the art of communication have been changing since the time Moses came down from the Mount of God with the Law and Commandments written on stone.

The concept of Using Theology to Teach Technology is a vision God gave to the author, Clemmie C. Perry, that creatively & uniquely links "theology and technology" to accelerate learning computer skills with the use of biblical scriptures & references.

Biblical references throughout each module help students overcome the fear of venturing into the unknown world of computers with ease. Using Theology to Teach Technology, links the two concepts in an effort to accelerate the learning of computer skills and to teach the "basics of computers and Word Processing" in order to:

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